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    Understanding Financial Statements

    contra asset account

    On 10 March 2005 dividends of $50,000 were declared in respect of the year ended 31 March 2005, payable on 31 May 2005. A business compiling its accounts for the year to 31 January each year pays rent quarterly in advance on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October each year. After remaining unchanged for some years, the rent was increased from $24,000 per year to $30,000 per year as from 1 July 20X0. Additional irrecoverabledebts of $3,200 were discovered at the year end. It has been decided tomake an allowance for receivables of 5% on the adjusted receivables atthe year end. The company pays for its electricity by a standing order of $100 per month.

    Is a contra asset account an expense?

    This type of contra asset account may generally be debited expenses, followed by a credit to the company's contra asset account for recording unusable inventory. Similarly, a business may also write off these types of expenses from its financial records if the inventory has been completely phased out.

    A dangling debit is a debit that has no credit to balance it out. It usually arises when a business purchases goodwill in acquiring another company. Dangling debits are usually listed as deductions against equity accounts. Likewise, if you invest in a new SaaS product, you will need to credit your cash account and debit your asset account accordingly every month, quarter, or year, depending on the payment terms.

    What is double-entry bookkeeping?

    Therefore, as shown in Illustration 3-4, an adjusting entry for prepaid expenses results in an increase to an expense account and a decrease to an asset account. Accountants divide the economic life of a business into artificial time periods. Companies record revenues when they receive cash and record expenses when they pay out cash. An accounting time period that starts on January 1 and ends on December 31. Companies record transactions in the period in which the events occur. So you have got the idea of contra revenue accounts and their utility.

    The only impact that the allowance for doubtful accounts has on the income statement is the initial charge to bad debt expense when the allowance is initially funded. Any subsequent write-offs of accounts receivable against the allowance for doubtful accounts only impact the balance sheet. UNEARNED REVENUESWhen companies receive cash before services are performed, they record a liabil-ity by increasing a liability account https://www.bollyinside.com/featured/the-primary-basics-of-successful-cash-flow-management-in-construction/ called unearned revenue. In other words, a company now has a performance obligation to perform a service for one of its customers. Items like rent, magazine subscriptions, and customer deposits for future service may result in unearned revenues. Airlines such as Ryanair , Qatar Airways , and Singapore Airlines , for instance, treat receipts from the sale of tickets as unearned revenue until the flight service is provided.

    Why have separate accounts?

    This is for work they’ve racked up but aren’t ready to bill the clients yet. The offset account is a liability account “Unearned Revenue”. When this happens you may choose to pay the difference between the two sets of invoices, the remaining invoices which net off against each other are called a trade contra. Find out how GoCardless can help you with a d hoc payments or recurring payments. The balance in the Accumulated Depreciation—Equipment account will increase 40 each month, and the balance in Equipment remains 5,000.

    • In a factoring or invoice financing context, if a client has debtors that are also suppliers, it is a potential problem.
    • Bank charges of $250 on the bank statement have not been entered in the cash book.
    • Harold wishes to maintain his allowance for receivables at 7% of receivables.
    • On contrary, the balance of a normal sales account is usually a credit.
    • Accounting is a foundation of good business management and you should always be aware of your company’s financial position.

    It’s listed as a contra asset account and is positioned below the unamortized intangible assets line item with the net amount of intangible items listed immediately below. Indeed, unearned revenue on the books of one company is likely to be a prepaid expense on the books of the company that has made the advance payment. For example, if iden-tical accounting periods are assumed, a landlord will have unearned rent revenue when a tenant has prepaid rent.

    What are contra accounts and how do they work?

    These include $900 of long-overdue debts that might still be recoverable, but for which Gordon has created an allowance for receivables. Gordon has also provided an allowance of $1,582, which is the equivalent of 2% of the other receivables’ balances. At the year end, Harold has a receivables balance of $100,000 and an allowance for receivables of $5,000. Harold wishes to maintain his allowance for receivables at 7% of receivables.

    • Accounts receivable is the main account with a debit normal balance and provision for doubtful debts is an account with credit normal balance which offsets the main account.
    • A contra-asset account has a credit balance and offsets the debit balance of the corresponding asset.
    • Pay the supplier account using the “contras account” and enter the funds “received” from the customer account in the customer section into the “contras account”.
    • The long position trader will be confident, while the short position trader will be cautious.
    • P Ltd acquired 60% of the ordinary shares of S Ltd several years ago when the reserves of S stood at $980.

    If a company is operating at a loss, Retained Earnings may have a debit balance. Eying the Trial Balance When reviewing the trial balance for errors, the first step is to eye the accounts to see that each account’s balance is in the proper debit or credit column. With the advent of data extraction directly from the client’s accounting system, it is possible to be more sophisticated and to extract the purchase ledger as well as the sales ledger . This allows contra risk to be managed because we know the accounting position on both the supplier and the debtor side. Knowing the balance outstanding as a supplier (the “payables” position) allows the contra disapproval figure to be calculated.


    An adjusting entry records the receivable that exists at the statement of financial position date and the revenue for the services performed during the period. Prior to adjustment, both assets and revenues are understated. As shown in Illustration 3-13, an adjusting entry for accrued revenues real estate bookkeeping results in an increase to an asset account and an increase to a reve-nue account. REVENUE RECOGNITION PRINCIPLEWhen a company agrees to perform a service or sell a product to a customer, it has aperformance obligation. When the company meets this performance obligation, it recognizes revenue.

    contra asset account

    From an evaluation of the services Yazici performed for Knox during October, the company determines that it should recognize 400 of revenue in October. The liability is therefore decreased, and equity is increased. As shown in Illustration 3-11, the liability Unearned Service Revenue now shows a balance of 800. That amount represents the remaining advertising ser-vices expected to be performed in the future.

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